Friday, August 04, 2006

Its official....Criminals are retarts.

Well, If there was any shred of doubt that we descended from the apes, the following footage just squashed the "Adam and eve" theory, we have footage of the dumbest creatures on earth who are only halfway through the evolutionary stage, filming themselves after breaking into my house and stealing all my shit. Im surprised they even worked out how to turn the camera on.
After getting our stuff back, we were up late last night, and I though "I wonder if they took any photo's with the camera?" Nah, no one would be that dumb.....not only is there full face shots, there is video footage of them smoking crack, and a pile of drugs, my laptop on the coffee table, and face shots and calling out each others names.....To say the least, the cops were real happy to receive the photo's and footage.
HAHAHA as Bill Hicks would say, "mising thumbs"

Check it out.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Relieved to know both safe and had each other present. Also pleased that I had a laugh at the end of all this insanity and absurdity. Peace to you both, Oni.x

6:42 PM  

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