Thursday, August 03, 2006


Sorry for not posting the last couple of days, but ive got the best excuse ever.

2 nights ago I had the unfortunate to experience being robbed. Here's how it went down, my girl and I crashed out at 12pm. Around 2am, some people decided to scale the back fence at my house, and take the sliding door of the runner and start to roam around the house, they got 2 $4000 G4 laptops, Modem, $300 in cash, my girls bag with her wallet, phone and personals, a $1500 cello, a $3500 digital camera, a $1500 film camera, now this is were it gets a big freaky, my girl wakes up to find a candle lit on a chair at the end of the bed, kinda thinks "I didn't leave a burning candle there" looks left towards me, and im laying in bed, right next to me is a 6ft 6 solid guy, leaning over and taking my phone and wallet from the floor not 2 feet from were im laying.....She fucking freaked to say the least, I get woken up to a horror movie scream "theres a man in the room" I look over to see this guy starting to hit the bolt out of the room, I kinda realize that im not asleep and this is REAL!! And there is a huge guy in my room, aside from having a small heart attack for about 2 seconds, then the fear turned to rage and I screamed to him that im going to fucking kill him, I jump out of bed and chase him, but hes 20 feet in front and over the back fence before I could grab a carving knife and chop his throat out and feed it back to him.
It was the scariest thing I have ever been woken up to, and don't recommend it to anyone.

We spent the next 24 hours with police doing finger prints and all the questioning and all that.

last night I get a phone call at 4am from the police saying they have 2 men in custody with all our stuff, so we get down to the station and there is our computers and cameras, my PDA phone is gone along with mine and my girls wallets, but the main stuff is there.
The police said by pure luck, they were driving down our street and three men were standing around a car (its 3am) out the front of the projects down from our house, they pulled over and one of the men ran off. They grabbed the other 2 and found a tonn of drugs and our stuff in their bag.
so in the station while were giving statements again, and the 2 clowns are in custody getting sweated, the third guy (the guy that ran), makes an inquiry at the front desk, saying hes missing 2 friends and hes worried cause they have his car, and they haven't turned up.....Front desk ring us with the sergeant and tell us there is this guy asking about the two guys under arrest, so they grab him as well and put him in a cell (moron).
We got our stuff back, minus the phones, wallets, cello and the cash, and we are yet to see what happens to the guys, but it was pure luck we got our stuff back, and pure stupidity the guy that was in the room made the inquiry about his "lost friends" and got himself arrested as well....My girl can identify this guy, and im sure it will have them all convicted.

Be good to each other out there ok.


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