Friday, February 23, 2007

Welcome back....

Been a long time since we last, how are you....hope life is good to you.

Whats been happening?

Well, weve been working on the new Summer line, and its looking great, we are really happy with the line.
We have been dealing with some crazy stand over men, that our ex business partner put on us to steal large amounts of money from us....but you know what. Fuck him and his goons....we will be long standing after he is dead and forgotten....the guy is a theif, and a scum bag, and anyone who knows the truth about him, know he is the bottom of the barrel. (trust me i have earned the right to peak my mind)

so, lets get on with life, events at the Wooden Shadow....we had the kead singer of Fugazi do a show last week, amazing to say the least.
We have some great event coming up, the Seven Shadows breakdance film is coming out in may, and there is the No comply festival shows....stay tuned for details.

Well be hitting you with more posts....promised.

Our page is self driven content, we dont borrow other proples work...its all us....